Lapp It Up! Kombucha Tea was started when one girl's vision for owning her own business and a passion for healthy foods and fermentation in particular,​​

My name is Junita Lapp and I am the founder and creator of Lapp It Up! Kombucha Tea. I was first introduced to kombucha while working at a health food store. Like many people, I didn't have a clue what that strange stuff was and why would anyone drink anything so weird?! It didn't take long to figure that out though. Although it wasn't love at first taste, by the time the bottle was empty, I was craving more of that fizzy, funky drink! I knew I was going to have to figure out how to make it myself if I wanted an endless supply of kombucha for whenever the cravings hit.

Soon after, I got my first scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) from a friend's mother and armed with knowledge I gained after doing some internet research, I started out on my own journey towards a healthier lifestyle and vitality. I soon discovered that sharing my love of kombucha and fermentation is something that I am very passionate about. As I continued to share scobys and kombucha with friends and family, my inspiration and creativity continued to deveop and I began to explore with unique flavoring ingredients and brewing conditions.

In the summer of 2014, I started out on another journey, one of pursuing my dream of owning my own business.It began by selling my fresh made kombucha at local farmers markets. Soon requests for my kombucha from retailers and grocers began to come in. As word spread and the demand grew, I realized I needed to find a commercial kitchen to brew from in order to be able to supply the demand to retail locations and my growing circle of wonderful customers. I began the search for a shared kitchen space and soon found one in Zanesville, Ohio.

Lapp It up! Kombucha is always made with locally sourced and / or organic and fairtrade ingredients.
Each batch is brewed to perfection and taste tested to ensure a balanced flavor profile of sweet and tart.
We make it in small batch quanties to ensure freshness and quality, just like you would make at home!
If you would like to connect with Lapp It Up! Kombucha as we continue to grow and develop, follow us on your favorite social media sites. Feel free to leave some feedback and tell us what you think of our kombucha!

Junita Lapp

Owner & Creator of
Lapp It Up! Kombucha